Beginner Hockey

Standings and Schedules




A. Schedule and Playoffs: Each conference will have a designated nights of play, including playoff games. Both the winter and summer seasons will consist of 16 regular season games. Each Conference will be made up of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 teams. In 4 team divisions, all 4 teams qualify for the playoffs. In 5 team divisions, 4 of the 5 teams qualify. In 6 team divisions, 4 of the 6 teams qualify and in 7 team divisions, 6 of the 7 teams qualify. Playoffs will be in a single elimination format. The Championship game will have a maximum of one, 10-minute overtime period if needed, followed by a shootout if the game remains tied. Winter League games will begin in early October, with the playoffs commencing following the regular season. Summer League generally begins in early April.

B. Early Payment: We no longer have an early payment plan.

C. Payments after Discount Period: Team or individual fees increase if received after the early payment discount date. Monthly payment plans will be slightly more in some cases.

D. Individual Player Registration Form: This form acts as four forms in one. First, it is a release of liability for the league and other entities. Secondly, this form acts as a payment contract with individual players on each team. This form also includes database information and jersey information so that we can keep accurate stats for individual players for the season.

1. Players must complete a registration form prior to taking the ice at their first game. An employee of the PHA will be at the first week’s games to ensure forms are completed.
2. No player may take the ice for the first game without at least making an initial payment to the PHA.
3. We try to offer the best payment plans possible to get players out on the ice playing hockey. However, the delinquency rate continues to grow and we have been forced to implement the following rules.

A. If a player fails to make a payment via credit card, check or cash by the agreed upon
date, he will be suspended from the league until his account is made whole.
B. Players with outstanding previous season balances cannot take the ice until their
account is brought up to date.
C. Captains using financially suspended players will be suspended themselves and any
game that player participates in will be forfeited.
D. Teams will receive weekly updates on their team account status until such time as it is
paid in full.
E. Payment Method: A team check or credit card paid in full is the ideal payment situation for us. A team check bundled with any credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard) is also a good payment method. Cash is also acceptable, but please do not mail. In order for a team to have a reserved place in the League, a 50% deposit must be received by the League. It is the responsibility of the team representative to be sure all payments are made. Please note that Individual Player Registration Forms, one for each player, must be submitted for by each team.

A. Approval: the PHA has final approval of all player eligibility and the conference level of each team. (See Captain’s Responsibility Section 3-1) Once the rosters are set prior to the start of the season, any additions must be approved through the PHA. The PHA will get the opinions of our personnel and other captains, where appropriate. It is possible that the new player will have to go through a tryout prior to being declared eligible.

B. Final Additions: Rosters are set, and cannot be altered, after midnight of December 31, 2014 for the Winter season. For the 2015 Summer Season, the date is July 1, 2015. The only exception will be for a goalkeeper who is injured or otherwise cannot play. The PHA will then find a substitute goalkeeper.

C. Substitute Players: Teams may add substitute players to the team roster only when the team is fully paid. Substitute players may not be added to rosters of teams that are less than fully paid. As noted in rule 1-1(f), teams are responsible for the full team payment amount of $7,440 regardless of the number of players on the team roster. Substitute players are also subject to all roster regulations as noted above in rules 1-2(a) and 1-2(b). An administrative fee of $50 and completed registration form must be paid before any substitute player is eligible to participate in any PHA activity. A team may not add a player from a higher-level team in the PHA without prior approval of the league director. All captains will have my direct cell phone number in order to reach me in case of a roster emergency.

D. Roster Openings/Incomplete Rosters: To guarantee a place in the League for the season, a complete team payment must be received by the PHA, totaling $7,800. Teams with less than a full roster should contact the PHA to request help in completing their roster from the unassigned players the PHA will assign to teams from tryouts and individual player registrations. However, it is ultimately the team’s responsibility to come up with a complete and fully paid team/roster

A. Team Eligibility: 4 of 4, 4 of 5, 4 of 6 and 4 teams in a 7 team division qualifies for playoffs.

B. Format: For both the Winter and Summer Seasons, a single elimination tournament will be held within each conference to determine a conference champion.

C. Tie Breakers: In order to seed teams into the playoffs, the following tie breakers will be in effect:
1. Head to Head
2. Goal Differential Head to Head
3. Total Wins (season)
4. Goal Differential (total season)
5. Least Penalty Minutes

D. Semi-Final Playoff Rounds: Seed #1 plays Seed #4 and Seed #2 plays Seed #3 in the first round. If there is a tie in regulation, the teams will participate in a 5 man shootout. If the game remains tied after that, then sudden death shootout rules prevail.

E. Shootout Format: Each team will designate 5 players on each roster to start the shoot out.
These five players on each team will alternate shots, with the lower seeded team going first. If no winner is established after the five-player round, each team will then pick one player at a time to participate (sudden death), but not a player that is from the original five-player list. This one-player round will continue until a team wins or each team has sent an additional five players. If the game remains tied, then the teams may begin selecting players one at a time, including those that have already participated, to shoot again. There must be a total of ten different shooters in this round before a player may participate in the shootout again.

F. Championship Game: The two top teams will face off against each other after the first round of the playoffs to determine a division champion. In the case of a regulation tie, then an immediate best of 5 player shootout will result. If still tied,

G. Player Eligibility: Each player must participate in a minimum of seven (7) regular season games in order to be eligible to participate in the playoffs, unless the normally eligible player was injured and unable to play in the minimum amount played. Players that are listed as substitute players on team rosters are not eligible to participate in any playoff game, regardless of the number of regular season games in which they participated. However, in the rare event that a team is unable to fill a roster with at least 9 players/goalie from the regular roster, then and only then can they pull from their sub list to reach 10 skaters and 1 goalie, and no more than that.

H. Trophies: Each Championship team will receive individual team award and the runners-up will receive a team award. Winning players will either receive a trophy or t-shirt. MVP and MVG trophies will also be given out for each division.

A. Standings: Updated Stats and Standings will be accessible through the PHA Website. Our address is:

B. Statistics. Current league standings are now available on our web site through Goalline, and Top 25 Scorers and Top Goaltenders by conference are also available. As our program is jersey number driven, it is essential that each captain makes sure that his/her teammates are wearing the same designated number for each game, and that these names and numbers are listed accurately on each roster. A captain must submit a roster prior to the game starting. In addition, the number worn by the participating players must correspond to that of the one listed on the Goalline website. Failure to turn in a roster will result in a 5 minute bench major. Your team will play shorthanded for the full 5 minutes from the first drop of the puck.

C. Gamesheet/Stat Corrections: Captains or team representatives are encouraged to email corrections to the PHA. Please do not call in corrections. Remember, the scorekeeper enters what is passed on to them by the referee. Sometimes……… referees make errors. If a player number is given that does not match, scorekeepers are instructed to wait for the first game stoppage and seek a correction.

D. E-Mail: In addition to our previously mentioned Home Page, the PHA also has e-mail at:

In general, the office is staffed from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, and is sometimes open on Saturday and Sundays as well. Additionally, you may e-mail us at the address above, and we answer our e-mail several times each day. Of course, you can visit our Home Page at
Each team must have a representative that is available by email, since most of the League information, updates and the like are distributed via email.




The Pacific Hockey Association follows the guidelines of USA Hockey. As such, we are bound by the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules. The PHA has made some very minor revisions, as noted below, which do not alter the safety of the game but rather address other issues.
There are several USA Hockey rule changes that should be noted.
Rule 205(b) requires the goalkeeper to be at the bench and out of the play before a player may replace him or her.
Rule 404(c) and 613 (d) regarding the third-man-in rule. The,PHA will keep the previous rule in place, which means a player receiving a third-man-in penalty will be ejected from the current game only, with no suspension as long as the player did not join in the altercation. However, should the third man in involve a punch or something more physical than trying to restrain your teammate, then the USA 3rd man in rule will be invoked and a suspension will result.
Rule 404(e) eliminates the Gross Misconduct penalty, and changes such infractions to Match Penalties.
Rule 605(a) now applies the broken stick penalty to the goaltender.
Rule 609(e) and 612(b) now requires the goaltender to play the puck when not immediately pressured.
Rule 615 Head Checking, which is defined as deliberate contact to the head of an opponent. The penalty for this is always a Match penalty and this most likely will result in a multi game suspension.
Rule 637(e) requires a time out be called prior to the conclusion of the line change.
Rule 640(a) calls for a minor or major penalty be assessed for a body check in a non-checking league. A major penalty plus a game misconduct will be called if an injury results.
All Majors in the PHA will result in an automatic Game Misconduct and minimum of a one game suspension. As has been the past practice, suspensions are generally served against the same team you committed the offense against. If none remain on the schedule, the player will be suspended the next game or more depending on the severity of the event.

A. Rosters:

B. Eligibility: Each player becomes eligible upon completion of the Individual Player Registration Form and payment to the league. Each player must be 18 years old by June 1, 2021.

C. Multiple Teams: Players, upon approval by the PHA and subject to all other rules, may be on the roster of more than one team in the PHA, but may not usually be on the roster of more than one team in any one conference. Some exceptions to this rule apply, and are determined on a case by case basis. Under no circumstances may players play on any team without being approved for that team’s specific roster, and all players must first complete, sign and return the Individual Player Registration Form and pay either a sub fee of $90 or half season fee of $260.

D. Suspensions: No player may participate in any PHA games while under suspension. IT IS
the PHA to notify the captain or player of a suspension; all suspendable infractions are clearly set
forth in the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules. The PHA will provide the captain with a courtesy
email as a reminder of the suspension. The player’s suspension will be posted on the Goalline
website front page under Suspension and this will detail the specific date(s) of the suspension.

E. Violations: Violation of the eligibility or suspension rule is deemed to be a VERY SERIOUS INFRACTION by the PHA. We must rely on the integrity of the players and captains in order to operate this league. Eligibility infractions have been on the rise recently, and while it is far from an epidemic, it is something that we will closely monitor in the coming seasons. Don’t put yourself and your team into a position where the League must punish your actions. If the PHA determines that these rules were knowingly violated, the captain or acting captain involved will be suspended for one game. There will be no appeals accepted for these types of suspensions. Additionally, the ineligible player will be suspended from their next PHA game if that player plays on another PHA team. Of course, all games that involve an ineligible player will be automatic forfeits, again without an appeal process.


Equipment: As set forth in the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules, each and every player must wear a full complement of equipment, including but not limited to skates, shin guards, hockey pants or girdle, protective cup or pelvic protector, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves.
Players in the E or D Divsion must wear a helmet with chin strap, and at least a H.E.C.C. approved half face shield and that includes me. Players are encouraged to wear a full H.E.C.C. approved face shield.
All Conference C and above players may play without a face shield, but this practice is not recommended. The helmet must be a hockey helmet, and should be H.E.C.C. approved as well. The Jofa “Gretzky” model helmet is not a hockey helmet and is not allowed. Painted helmets are also not allowed, as the paint weakens the plastic in the helmet itself.

B. Uniforms: Color coordination required for jerseys only. Jerseys must also have a number unique to that player. Names are not required on the jerseys, but are recommended. The reason we insist on numbers is to aid in scorekeeping and in compiling the stats. Each player on a team must be assigned one number and one number only; we simply cannot accurately compile the stats for 250 players if each player wears a different number each game. For both the Winter and Summer Seasons, each team must have one set of matching jerseys unless their team color conflicts with another division team’s colors, in which case both of those teams need a set of white and alternate color jerseys.

C. Equipment Violations: No player will be allowed to play without a full complement of equipment. There is a serious liability issue in allowing players with less than full equipment to participate in a game. Please do not put the referees and the PHA into the position of having to remove a player from the game for an equipment violation that could have been rectified earlier. Teams are encouraged to bring some extra equipment to each game so that players forgetting
some piece of equipment may still participate. Periodically you can find spare parts at the rink, but don’t count on it.


A. Equipment: As set forth in the USA Hockey Official Playing Rules, all goalkeepers must wear a full complement of equipment.

B. Form Fitted Face Masks: All goalkeepers may wear a H.E.C.C. approved form fitted face mask. All form fitted face masks must have a back skull plate.


To amend rule 203(a), a list of names and numbers of all participating players must be submitted to the scorekeeper before each game. Additions may be made at any time a player arrives, and is so noted on the scoresheet. Only those players participating in the game may be included on the lineup portion of the scoresheet. If a player was included in the lineup but is not participating, that player must be deleted from the lineup as indicated by the captain. Again, the PHA will be unable to process the scoresheet for stats if the names and numbers of the players are not present.


A. Tied Games: Should a game be tied at the end of regulation play the referees will initiate a
best of 5 player shootout. If still tied, it will go sudden death until one team scores and the other

B. Overtime: We don’t have time for overtime so we use the 5-man shootout set up.

C. Points: Each team participating in a shootout game will be credited with at least one point in the standings and it will be reflected as a SOL or Shoot Out Loss. When a team wins in a shootout, they will be credited with a win and receive two points in the standings.


A. During Regular Games: Occasionally, there are times when a game must go to running time in order to finish the game within the allotted ice rental. Also, we are looking into going to running time for those games that border on being blowouts. We are taking input from captains on this.

B. Penalties: All penalties called during running time will be of three minutes duration, starting upon the dropping of the puck for the ensuing faceoff. If a penalty expires during a stoppage of play, the player must wait until the puck is dropped before exiting the penalty box.

Time outs: no time-outs may be called during any running time situation.

A. 4 Penalty Rule: Rule 404(5) is amended regarding the 5 penalty rule. Any player who incurs four (4) penalties in the same game shall be immediately ejected from the game with no further suspension. This does not include majors or match penalties, which are separate. Also, the Disqualification Penalty does not carry any suspension for the following game.

B. Multiple 4 Penalty Infractions: Should a player receive a second 4-penalty disqualification
during the same season, that player will be suspended for 3 subsequent games. Should a player
received a third 4-penalty disqualification during the same season, that player will be suspended
for the remainder of the season and any playoff games.
(please see 1-3(g))

D. Third Man In: Please amend Rule 613(4). If a player is given a game misconduct under rule 613(4), there is no additional suspension imposed beyond a game ejection as long as they don’t become physically aggressive.

E. Match Penalty: To amend Rule 405(3), a Match Penalty will carry a minimum suspension of 2 games, with a maximum of 10 games. Unless instructed otherwise by the PHA, the 2 game suspension should be considered the final suspension assessment.

F. Cumulative Penalty Minutes (PIM) Suspension: In addition to the USA list of suspensions, the PHA will institute a cumulative PIM suspension. A one game suspension will be issued for the game following a game where one player reaches 50 PIM in one season, a 3 game suspension will occur for the games following a game where one player reaches 75 PIM in one season, and an one year suspension will occur following a game where a player reaches 100 PIM in one season.
For purposes of this rule, all minor and major penalties will add the actual PIM to the cumulative total. A misconduct penalty, a game misconduct, and a match penalty will all result in 10 minutes of PIM being added to the cumulative penalty minutes total.

G. Appeals: All appeals must be submitted in writing to the PHA and will be considered by the proper authorities. Changes to the above stated rules or previous decisions of the proper authorities shall be made only if it can be proven that a mistake as to fact or reasonableness was made.

H. Referee Evaluations: The referee evaluations may be completed from the IHONC web site, which is linked to the PHA web site. From the PHA web site’s front page, the link to the referee evaluation page can be found toward the bottom of the left column. This information is collected by IHONC, the referee association, and the information is stored and tabulated in their computer. The software being used by IHONC will allow all the information to be presented in a format that will facilitate proper evaluation of individual referees and point to corrective measures that might be needed either individually or as a group.


A. Player Eligibility: All protests regarding player eligibility must be made to the referee prior to the start of the game or while the game is in progress. The referee will have the scorekeeper note the protest in the comments section of scoresheet on Goalline, ask the player in question his name and note that name in Goalline as well. The ultimate decision regarding player eligibility rests with the PHA. Please refer to section 2-2.

B. Rule Interpretation: Teams may protest the interpretation of any rule by the referee but not the judgment of the referee. A protest must be made to the referee prior to the commencement of play following the protested action. Protests must be submitted in writing to the PHA.

C. Rulings: The PHA will rule on the viability of all submitted protests in a timely fashion. If a protest is upheld, the results of the game will not change (due to the logistics involved in renting ice). However, all the information included in the protest will be submitted to IHONC, the referee association, for evaluation of the referee in question.



A. Communication: the Captain is the main source of League information for most of the players in the PHA, and as such we rely heavily on the Captains for dissemination of this information.
The PHA will relieve some of the burden of the Captain by dealing directly with the players in a number of ways, the most important being the PHA Web site. Our Web site at HYPERLINK "" gives all current and potential PHA participants access to important League information. Finally, we have e-mail at
It is vital that each player is registered with the PHA using the Individual Player Registration Form. The PHA uses these rosters to establish team ability and, ultimately, Conference level. The League cannot make a schedule without the Conferences being complete. No player may participate in any PHA event without completing, signing and returning the Individual Player Registration Form.

B. Rule Knowledge: It is very important that the Captains have a complete understanding of the Rules to avoid gameday problems. As an example, this guide points out several ways teams may avoid problems with equipment (bring a “team bag” with extras) and with jerseys and socks (purchase a few extras). Additionally, the captains may be very helpful in allowing us to accurately tabulate league statistics by keeping all players in their own numbered jerseys throughout the season. A good working knowledge of this Policy Guide will be very helpful to both the team and the league. The complete USA Hockey Official Playing Rules are linked to the PHA Web site; in the left column, go down to the Hockey Links section and click on USA Hockey Rules.

C. Dates & Deadlines: One of the most important items on a Captains/General Managers agenda should be League deadlines for such things as the team payment and the like. We do not make arbitrary dates; deadlines are established in order that we may conduct our business in an orderly and efficient manner. Team Payment due dates are noted on the Season Details and Season Highlights section of the PHA website prior to each season.

D. Rosters and Payments: Yet another crucial task faced by the team officials is collecting payment and the Individual Player Registration Form from each player. While it is the ultimate responsibility of the teams and team officials to get qualified players and remit payments on time in order to guarantee a place in the League for the season, the PHA will help fill an incomplete roster on a case-by-case basis when requested to do so. Note, however, that the PHA will only endeavor to help teams that tell us they are in need of a player or two to complete their roster. In this way, we can work on your situation as we are getting inquiries from individual players wishing to play in the League.

E. Sponsors: The PHA encourages each team to attempt to secure a team sponsor, even if the sponsorship is for only a partial team cost or team jerseys. The PHA will work with sponsors to incorporate the name in the standings and on the web site.

F. Input and Enjoyment: The PHA understands the responsibility each team official shoulders and we will try to help make the job of a captain or general manager as enjoyable as possible. We encourage input from the captains regarding all facets of the League operation and we want the captains to have a voice in the alignment of the conferences. We have completely upgraded the operation of the League based on the suggestions and wishes of the team captains. We believe these changes will help make the job of being a team captain more enjoyable.


A. Deportment: Needless to say, the PHA expects each player to conduct themselves in an adult-like manner at every rink and at every PHA sponsored event. The rinks with which we do business demand proper behavior at all times, and anyone unable to control their deportment will not be allowed further access to the PHA or the rinks. This includes all behavior, both on and off the ice, from the minute you enter the rink to the time you leave. This also includes the parking lot in and around the rink. It should be noted that all rules governing the game of hockey also apply to any off-ice actions. Any players being found to have violated these rules off the ice, such as, but not limited to, fighting in the parking lot, will be issued a match penalty under the USA rule 601.7(c): Behaving in any manner which is critically detrimental to the conducting of the game of hockey. All Match Penalties given out under this rule will carry a minimum 1 year suspension. In addition, all Match Penalties are reported to all Leagues using the IHONC referee association, with the agreement that all Leagues will honor such suspensions.

B. Dressing: All rinks require players to change in designated dressing rooms whenever possible.
We understand that in Vallco, despite the increase in locker room space upstairs, this may not be . always be possible. Please abide by this rule and use the dressing rooms whenever provided.

C. Cleanliness: Simply put, please pick up after yourselves on the bench (water bottles, broken sticks, etc.) and in the dressing rooms. Throw used tape and other garbage in the trash bins provided. You might not think so, but the rinks are very conscience of the housekeeping problems generated by certain teams, and they will contact the League if there are continued problems. The ice contracts we have with the rinks provide certain housekeeping standards, and these must be met if we are to continue our relationship with the rink. Vallco has undergone recent extensive, and expensive, renovations, including improved ice surface lighting, locker room upgrades, general repairs, etc. Please respect the facilities in which we play.


A. General Statement: As previously noted in Section 3-1(c), we establish payment deadlines so that we may contract for the best ice available and ensure that we have enough ice times to cover all the teams properly. Individuals who make deposits or full payments expect ice on which to play their games, and we contract for such ice based upon the number of teams and players participating. While the PHA understands circumstances arise that puts the player in a position to ask for a refund, the player must understand the PHA has taken actions with that player in mind that cannot suddenly be reversed. Of course, this is magnified when referring to a team.

B. Obligation: The PHA is under no obligation to refund either the deposit or full payment of an individual or team. The PHA will endeavor, in good faith, to fill the vacated position resulting from the individual or team dropping out. We cannot, however, promise that we will be able to fill the vacancy.

C. Filling Vacancies: If the PHA is able to fill the vacancy, the refund due will be pro-rated based upon the number of games the NEW player will play, not on the number of games the player leaving has missed. If the PHA is unable to find a replacement, no refund will be due.
PHA information:
Phone 408-515-0743

PHA information:
Phone 408-515-0743